Members and friends of The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch met at Bar restaurante El Mirador, Eagles Nest for their July Menu del Dia. 

The restaurant did us proud with a very tasty and good value lunch and we whiled away the afternoon with much merriment and banter.  If you would like to join the ship mates or just find out more please phone Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996. 

Believe it or not we do more than just eat, drink and be merry and we would love to see you at our monthly meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at Bar/Restaurante El Paraiso near Carrefour, Torrevieja at 5pm and remember you don’t have to have served in the Royal Navy to become a member.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón (Los Verdes), said that for the month of May, according to the data provided by the company that manages the municipal public transport (Costa Azul), the cost of the new line H bus service that moves shoppers to the Friday weekly market was under 70 euros.

The cost of the service, which provided two buses travelling between the city and the new market site, had been set at 300 euros per day, so the total contracted price forthe month of May was 1,500 euros. However the revenue collected on the buses was 1,429.30 euros so the invoice submitted to the council by Costa Azul was just 70,70 euros, ” an absolutely insignificant amount”, according to the mayor

He said that the figures, which he only expected to increase, already provided an excellent return for the service. The mayor added that he fully expected adding further buses to the service as the new market site became better known and increased in popular…

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A fire devastated 3 hectares of an abandoned farm in the Guardamar Campo on Thursday evening including a palm orchard and a barn the Guardamar village. Fortunately, however, the firefighters from Torrevieja, Almoradí and the Guardamar brigade prevented the flames from spreading to areas around the perimeter of the La Mata and Torrevieja natural parks

The blaze began yesterday at 8:30 p.m. as the fire destroyed some 30,000 square meters of agricultural land in the Campico de Guardamar del Segura. Three fire tenders attended from the park Vega Baja Sur-Torrevieja as well as one from the Almoradí’s sub-division and the Guardamar-based forestry brigade. They were able to cut off and extinguish the fire in about an hour and a half, according to sources from the Provincial Firemen’s Consortium.

With the outbreaks located close to the Marjal de Pego and the Sierra Mariola the main concern as the bomberas tackled the fire was that the flames did not extend …

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The Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has signed a collaboration agreement with the leading developer in the real estate sector Euromarina with the objective of establishing a framework of cooperation between both entities.

Under this agreement, the hospital is committed to offer conventional check-ups to each client who purchases a permanent home located in the region of La Vega Baja through the network of real estate Euromarina. In addition, this agreement offers Euromarina clients a yearly dental examination and clean or an annual blood tests.

The exchange of information and promotional material between both entities will be another strength of this agreement whereby clients and patients of Euromarina and Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja will receive timely knowledge about the new services of each organization.

Present at the signing act was the territorial director of Quirónsalud, Francisco Fiestras, and Commercial Director of Euromarina, Patricia Eugen…

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The Civil Guard from Pilar de la Horadada have arrested four men, two Algerians and two Moroccans, aged between 25 and 43 years, following a series of robberies from properties on the Orihuela Costa and in Torrevieja.

They detained the men as part of an investigation into more than 40 break-ins, many of which were committed while the victims slept on. The Guardia continue to seek a further two men, one Spanish and one Moroccan, aged 40 and 35 respectively.

The Guardia first became aware of an increase on home thefts in both Torrevieja and the Orihuela Costa last year. As residents became more alarmed a dedicated team was committed to the operation. It seemed as though the crimes were becoming more frequent and more daring as many were committed whilst the occupants were asleep in their homes.

This began to cause even more insecurity which was when the Guardia took the decision to appoint additional officers to the investigation.

The breakthrough c…

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Torrevieja firefighters extinguished a fire on Tuesday morning on a recreational boat off the coast of Torre de la Horadada.

According to sources of the Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos, at about midnight residents reported seeing a small explosion at sea. They alerted the emergency services explaining that they thought that it looked like a yacht had caught on fire.

Although firefighters from the Provincial Consortium were alerted, they didn’t initially attend, having been informed that the matter was being dealt with by the Maritime Services. However at approximately 0140hrs they were once again requested to attend the scene as the boat had reach the shore at the Paseo de la Torre de la Horadada where it continued to burn.

The bomberas were required to attend the fire from the sea as they were unable to secure access from dry land. They spliced several hoses together and waded into the sea to finally put out the fire and avoid material damage to the ad…

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The Anglican Chaplaincy of St Peter & St Paul Torrevieja has launched a major revamp of their web site to showcase the activities of the Church and its work in the wider community. The Chaplaincy, which brings together the eight Anglican Churches on the South Costa Blanca, East Costa Calida and Murcia is active in every part of the community and provides a full range of Christian services for local people.

The revamp was overseen by Maggie Dew from Campoverde Church who said, “We set out to provide an easy point of access for anyone who wishes either to know about the Church and what we do, or those people who have need of the Churches’ services whether this is for the good things such as Baptisms, Wedding Blessings and Special Occasions; or those sadder occasions such as Funerals and Memorial Services”.

The website is split into easily accessible sections:

“About us”: Provides a welcoming entry point to find out a bit about the Chaplainc…

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The Guardia Civil and Torrevieja council have warned that there are licensing deficiencies with the activities that are authorised to take place in a Punta Prima nightclub that is currently operating with just a motel license and as such they have written to the Generalitat requesting that it be closed down.

The disclosure comes after an inspection carried out by agents of the Civil Guard, during which they detected numerous security deficiencies in the building, which is located on the N-332 on the edge of the Urbanisation Los Barcos. According to information provided by the establishment itself, In addition to the guest bedrooms, the venue has outdoor parking and a bar-disco area that hosts erotic shows.

After receiving the report from the Civil Guard, municipal authorities upheld the findings including the absence of minimum security measures necessary to carry out the activities that take place in the facility. The services that are available within the est…

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Torrevieja Civil Guard have arrested a man who was caught ‘red handed’ whilst shooting a video in the ladies changing room of a Las Habaneras store.

The device was first noticed by a 14 year old girl. She alerted store staff when she realised that a small video camera was fixed in the wall connecting her booth to the next. The Civil Guard were quickly on the scene and they were able to surprise the alleged perpetrator while he continued to record.

The detainee is a 45-year-old Spaniard from Murcia, who has no previous record of any criminal activity.  He was using a high-end mobile phone, which was attached by a flexible lead to a camera, with which he was recording the minor whilst she was trying on new clothing.

The man, who has been charged with an offense of corruption of minors, has already appeared before a magistrate who decided to release him on bail.

The agents of the Judicial Police of Torrevieja have taken charge of the investigati…

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Leading this week with the Orihuela initiative to fine the needy 750 euro for having to resort to scavenging in order to feed their families.  Has the mayor thought this one through? I somehow doubt it!

Bascuñana is also in trouble for claiming that he is investing 40% of the monies received from the sale of municipally owned land to the Orihuela Costa, in accordance with the formula agreed. Clearly the mayor didn’t graduate in maths as the percentage is much lower

Torrevieja’s GRO are doing their job in the city as they continue to confiscate counterfeit goods whilst Orihuela’s equivalent police service don’t seem to know where the Costa is as all their time seems to be spent inland. But they are celebrating their 4th birthday. Anyone like to buy them a SATNAV?


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